Awards and recognitions

    Best Oral presentation: “A Novel Technique for Producing Conductive Polyurethane Nanofibrous Membrane for Flexible Electronics Applications”, The International Conference on Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing (ICMIM 2017) held in National University of Singapore, Singapore during 21-23 August, 2017 to A. Shaker, Ahmed H. Hassanin, N. M. Shaalan, M. A. Hassan and Ahmed Abd El-Moneim,’s student (Eng. Ahmed Shaker)

    Certificate of Excellent Paper “the 6th International Conference on Key Engineering Materials (ICKEM2016)”, March-2016, Hong Kong. to Prof. Ahmed Abd El-Moneim’s student (Dr. Engy El Bakry),

    Best paper ward for Dr. M. Nasr’s student in,” 7th Int. Conf. on Computational Intelligence, Modelling & Simulation (CIMSim), Kuantan, Malaysia, Jul. 27-29. 2015.

    State’s Award (incentive) in Engineering Science to Dr. Mohamed Gebreel, 2014. (Egypt)

    E-JUST recognition certificate to Prof. Ahmed Abd El-Moneim, 2013.

    Advanced Materials and Nuclear Energy Award (Price of late Prof. Fawazy Hamad) to Prof. Ahmed Abd El-Moneim, offered by Egyptian Academy for Scientific Research and Technology, 2012.

    Best paper finalist in international conference on innovative engineering systems, IEEE, to Prof. Ahmed Abd El-Moneim’s student (Dr. Sameh Hassan), December, 2012.

    JICA/E-JUST facility grant, first winner is Dr. Mohamed Gebreel, (100,000 USD), 2012. (Egypt)